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cuneco operates in a partnership under the management of the bips association. The day-to-day operation is vested in a technical steering committee and a secretariat.

The partnership
cuneco is managed by the bips association in a partnership comprising:

  • Danish Standards
  • the network of construction educations (represented by Aarhus University and DTU (Technical University of Denmark))
  • the network of built environment owners and operators (represented by Municipality of Rudersdal)
  • the association network consisting of FRI (The Danish Association of Consulting Engineers), DANSKE ARK (The Danish Association of Architectural Firms), Dansk Byggeri (The Danish Construction Association), TEKNIQ (association of electrical and plumbing contractors) and the BAT-kartellet (cartel of construction, civil engineering and timber unions). The partnership contributes to establishing contact to and cooperation with enterprises, educational institutions, clients and entrepreneurs as well as trade associations within the construction industry.

More about the partnership

The technical steering committee
The technical steering committee of cuneco undertakes the overall management and coordination of the technical activities of the centre in connection with projects, technical forums, workshops, hearings etc. The technical steering committee is composed of representatives of enterprises and educational institutions of the construction industry.

More about the technical steering committee

The secretariat
The secretariat of cuneco is in charge of the day-to-day management, coordination, administration and communication of the activities of the centre.

More about the secretariat


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