Technical work regarding the revision of ISO 12006-2

3. jan. 2013 af Maja Skovgaard
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cuneco compiles the results of the classification work in cuneco and contributes technical input to the revision of the international standard for construction classification.

In the autumn of 2011, cuneco, bips and Danish Standards assumed a central role in connection with the revision of the international standard for construction classification, ISO 12006-2. At a meeting of the international standardisation organisation held in Singapore in September, Denmark presented a draft revision. The draft was met with international support and the secretariat was allocated to Denmark where Danish Standards will be in charge of the international working group undertaking the actual revision task.

The revision has started, and cuneco has launched a project which, concurrently with the standardisation process, is to compile the results of the classification work and contribute technical input to the international working group. The aim of the project is to participate in ensuring that the revision meets the needs of the construction industry with respect to the exchange of information. One of the contributions of cuneco will be to enhance translation of classification tables between different classification systems and to ensure that the software will be able to handle the translation – also with respect to international construction projects.

More about the project in Danish


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